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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I enrol in the Preconception Programme?
From the moment you are seriously considering starting a family or having another baby.

Should both parents do the course?
Whilst it is definitely preferable for both parents to attend this course if only one can make it then this is acceptable.

What if I only want to do a part of the programme?
Yes, of course, you can take any part of the programme that suits your needs. Although we do recommend doing the whole programme as you will remain in the same logic and spirit of a holistic programme.

If it is not advised to travel during pregnancy and we don't live in France how can we do the whole programme?
You would come to Providence for the Preconception Preparation courses I and 2 at approximately six month interval. Once pregnant we would give you the necessary information, guidance and help for the Prenatal Bonding section of the course. For the childbirth preparation through the growing network of HypnoBirthing practitioners world-wide we would assist you in finding a practitioner in your region. Then once your baby is several months old you could return to Providence for another life enhancing stay and learn to continue the bonding and how to massage your baby.

If we enrol in the whole programme do we get a discount?
Yes, there is a 15% discount for enrolment into the whole programme. This can be paid in several payments or on a monthly basis throughout the programme.

What if we decide not to have a child or don't get pregnant?
During the Preconception course time is given for self exploration and if it turns out that you or your partner didn't really want to have a baby then we will have done you and your potential baby a great service. You will have gained very valuable information about yourselves, made steps to improve your quality of life and learnt how to meet your own needs.

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