The Holistic Parenting Programme®

Pre-conception to Birth & Beyond...


Professional Courses!

The Holistic Parenting Programme accompanies couples on a journey of a lifetime - the journey of being parents. The exciting and rewarding journey of founding a family begins with the careful and thorough preparation of both partners even before conception. There is so much to discover, learn and transform so that they pass on the best of themselves to their child.

The journey continues through the mysterious "landscape" of pregnancy and preparing for and having a more than satisfying, joyful and even blissful natural birth. Then staying in the "love bubble" that many couples create along the way they continue the bliss of bonding after birth.

Parents then learn how to help facilitate their baby's harmonious development through eye contact, touch, voice and sound, the environment and much more.

We no longer wish to keep this amazing programme for ourselves and our privileged clients who find us from around the world.

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