The Holistic Parenting Programme®

Pre-conception to Birth & Beyond...


NEWS!  Come and meet us in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii for 2 workshops:

Friday 9 November 2012 7:00pm to 9:30pm: "Living Alchemy" – Transform your suffering and limitations into empowerment and live your Golden Age.

Saturday 10 November 2012 1:00pm to 5:00pm: Discover the power of your wellbeing hormones:  Healing at your fingertips.

Location: Anahata Sanctuary: 4356 Kahili Makai St. Kilauea, Kauai

Listen to Julie’s online talk on July 29th 2009 ?

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Welcome to the Holistic Parenting Programme !

The Holistic Parenting Programme offers both parents and professionals the best in the latest scientific discoveries and psychological developments that often confirm age old wisdom and tribal knowledge.

Unique in its holistic approach The Programme accompanies parents from before conception until their baby enjoys the benefits of continued bonding in infancy.

What do we mean by "Holistic"?
Simply recognising that as human beings we function simultaneously on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and that meeting these needs define our health, happiness, success, meaningfulness and place in life.

Our approach is to empower both parents and the qualifying professionals who will be offering this programme in their local communities, to meet their needs on all levels of their being. This offers the future generation optimal health, happiness and well being so that each child can realise its full potential.