The Holistic Parenting Programme®

Pre-conception to Birth & Beyond...


Faculty Members

Founder/Director Julie Gerland
Through her life's journey she explored many ways to help bring peace, health, happiness and spiritual connectedness to both individuals and the world at large. In the early 1980's she read Education Begins Before Birth by Omraam Mikhaêl Aïvanhov followed by The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Dr.Thomas Verny. They both confirmed the same reality; that the human being is conscious from conception and it is from these earliest beginnings that our most powerful parental imprints are made.

Julie attracted many people whom she helped through the spirit/mind/body connection. She developed a mums, babies and children swim school and founded and directed the first holistic centre in Hong Kong in 1982. She had a regular column in the South China Morning Post daily newspaper called Mind, Body Soul and became an activist in many causes; prenatal education, environmental, peace, animal rights...

Since 1989 Julie has lived with her husband François in the southwest of France where they co-founded Providence a holistic living centre. Subsequently they co-founded Association Suryoma a non profit organisation to share, facilitate and teach others to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

The Holistic Parenting Programme is the fruit of over 30 years of research, study and experience.
Julie is qualified in the following:
- Preconception Health and Natural Fertility Management with Francesca Naish of the Better Babies Programme and Jocelyn Clinic in Sydney Australia.
- Alchemical Hypnotherapist and Co-trainer trained by founder David Quigley in California, USA.
- HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator and Professional Instructor trained by Marie Mongan founder of HypnoBirthing® Institute, USA
- Certified Doula trained with Michel Odent MD, author and pioneer in the field of natural birth. The Primal Health Research London, UK and France
- Natural Nutrition trained with Barbara Wren, founder of The College of Natural Nutrition, UK
- I on I provider HeartMath® Stress Management Licencee

Julie is a co-author of The Marriage of Sex and Spirit published by Elite Books USA (August 2006) which is co-authored with a number of celebrities such as Deepak Chopra MD, Dr. John Gray, Scott Peck, Carolyn Myss.

She is also an international lecturer and workshop leader and is a of member several professional associations